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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sneak Peak

 So we set up today.  Even though I had a plan, it still took about 2 hours to decorate the space.  Above is the entry way, decorated with photocopies of old photos of my grandparents when they were dating and first married.
 Layered on top of yellow table coverings were b&w photocopies of old photos forming a photo table runner.  I matted a few of the pictures on either black cardstock or natural craft brown cardstock.  I skopped every Goodwill in the area to find vases for my centerpieces.  I clustered different sizes and added simple flowers, feathers, and twigs.
 This old metal truck (found at Hobby Lobby) pays homage to the fact that my grandfather has loved and fixed trucks and cars all his life.  This will be the food table.
 More pics of the bottle centerpieces.  Look closely...see the vintage looking matchbox cars?
 This blue Ford truck is my favorite.  I added these matchbox and hot wheels for several reasons - to add some whimsy, in honor of my Grandpa's love of cars, and so if there are any kids there, they might have a little entertainment :)
 yellow. happy. sunny.
 I love yellow!

 I think people will sit and eat and look at the photos and they will be a great conversation piece.
I love my grandparents.  I mean, everyone loves their grandparents, but my grandparents have been a HUGE part of my life.  They lived less than a mile from my childhood home.  They have been a safe haven, an example of a happy couple, a Christian example for me and the community.  Even now, I write to them every day.  Yes, I said every day.  I write them a 1-3 page letter every day sharing with them my day, what my girls are up to, plans, every day ordinary stuff.  They are a part of my life...in a big way.

Happy Anniversary!

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