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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Science Center Tour

I made these discovery jars with jars that I found at the dollar store and rice and a few small items. The kids roll around the jars and look for items hidden in the rice.
Items from nature or even plastic bugs can be used as counters. Yes, math & science.
A body model and a model of teeth help promote good health.
A terrarium filled with moss and plants and other items from nature is placed in front of the window ofr the kids to observe.
We found a nest on the playground and brought it inside.
Here is a picture of how the shelves should look - so the kids know where to put things back after they have played with it.
Books are a must. Books on animals, bugs, pets, nature.
Here are simple plastic bugs and some trays for sorting.
A body parts puzzle.
A bucket of animals.
Plants and a log. Nature. Science for preschoolers is so easy.
My dad made lock boxes and they are kept in the science area. Kids stuff all kinds of items in them.
Several globes are in the science area, along with toy frogs and scales for weighing rocks, bugs, etc. One year, we used the scales to weigh baby guinea pigs.
Replicas of real animals like this snake is also placed in the science area.

I love science - I know, it's not really girly, but science can be fun!

Winter Dramatic Play

So our theme is In The Winter.

From our branch, we hung icicles. A snowman is on the wall that kids can add noses and eyes to it. Also, boots and sweaters and scarves were added for the kids to play dress up.