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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Books and Toys go hand in hand

 If I have learned anything from my 20+ years in the early childhood field, it's this...books and toys go hand in hand.
 I have observed many children flip through a book casually, lackadaisically.  But if you add an animal or play mat or props from the book...well, that's a whole new story!
 Once the props have been added, the book (and the learning!) becomes tangible.  Little hands play and the imagination sparks.  Children are able to act out parts of the story, committing it to memory more so that if the words are simply read to them.
 I love bringing favorite stories to life with props. I will be sharing more ideas on how to do this in the coming weeks.

Have a fun and playful day!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Reindeer Games - Math Concepts

Hard to believe that Christmas is just days away.  It's time for presents and visits from Santa and making cookies (lots and lots of cookies!)  It's also the perfect time for teaching math concepts to your little ones.

I set up a simple math game here.  This concept is number value.  Kiddos will understand that the written number '5' means five objects.  I only did 1-5 with this layout.  Start out simple and work your way up to 12 objects.

 You can use a whole host of items to teach this concept.  These small wooden reindeer, I found at Michael's Craft Store in the holiday clearance section.  I think there was a package of 20 for $2.99, but they are 70% off this week.
First, lay out the numbers (or simply write them clearly on a piece of paper) in order - 1, 2, 3,4,5.  Then ask the child to show you how many reindeer for each number.  If they place four reindeer under the number '2', don't say No, that's not right.  Say something like, Let's count those together.  While counting put your finger on each reindeer.  It helps to reinforce the number value.

You can use any objects that you have around the house - jingle bells, cotton balls, candy canes, etc. The play possibilities are endless!

Have a fun & playful day!