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Sunday, January 27, 2019

For Christmas this year, I asked my dad to make me a lighthouse dollhouse.  I had a picture in my head of a family of peg dolls vacationing in a lighthouse on summer holiday or maybe even living there. What he came up with was pretty amazing.
 I admit that I had wayyy too much fun decorating this dollhouse. I have listed my resources and how to instructions on My Big World Playscapes Facebook page.
 I think the bunk room is was the easiest to put together.  I had a clear picture of everything that I wanted that room to be.  Bright, maps, full of toys and books.  The light was a challenge but came together beautifully.  The tiny fishbowl is my favorite thing in the room.

When 8 year old Greta saw the bunk room, she said, Maybe the lighthouse should be an orphanage for peg dolls who haven't found homes yet.
 The attic or top floor is the part that I wanted to be cluttered with books and things to cause wonder. The telescope and starry ceiling.  The fireplace and big comfy chair.  The books and globe. Starry ceiling, whale wallpaper (fitting for a lighthouse, right?), and nautical map floor.  All sort of magical and sparks the imagination.

 The master bedroom had to be a dreamy retreat for Mom & Dad.  I love seahorses, so when I found this seahorse foil scrapbook paper at Michaels, I just KNEW that it had to be in this room.  I couldn't find a bed that I wanted.  Dollhouse furniture is expensive and limited.  So...I made my own.  The side tables are blocks of wood painted white and distressed.  The pair of lanterns and coral are from the jewelry making section at Hobby Lobby.  (I spent a lot of time in Hobby Lobby scoping out all sorts details!)
 I have had a love affair with lighthouses for my whole life.  I have dreamed of living in a lighthouse for years.  This dollhouse kind of lets me live out that fantasy.  I thought a kitchen in a lighthouse should be cottage-ish, cozy, open-shelving, sort of English cottage.  I think it's my favorite room.  I picture the family gathering together, cooking meals.
 The lighthouse wouldn't be a lighthouse if it didn't light up!  Dad make sure everything works!

So the award for most elaborate staging of a peg doll family goes to...ME! :)  It is better than I imagined.  I think this peg doll family will be very happy here,
Me & Dad with my lighthouse dollhouse at Christmas.

Have a fun & playful day,