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Monday, July 14, 2014

Ocean Friends First Birthday Party

 So an Ocean Theme shouldn't be too hard to pull off, right?  Well...let me just tell you that I stressed more over this party than any other.  Sure, I could have slapped up some cheesy cutouts but that's not how I do parties.  I wanted cute and whimsical, fun and sweet, classy and memorable.
 The backdrop was my least favorite part, but it worked.  A sheet on a dowel rod with fish nets x3 draped over it.  I found these green fish nets at my local Dollar Tree. (the best things in life are found at the Dollar Tree)
 My recipe for tablescapes - 1) fresh flowers, 2) accents, 3) Safari Ltd animals...no lie.  Look how cute this turned out.
 I took two sizes of cans - large (beans) and small (tomato paste) and wrapped them in scrapbook paper in shades of aqua, green, blue, purple, teal.  I picked some wild flowers (I have bug bites to prove it!) but also went to my local Kroger to buy some.
 Yes, that IS an articoke. :) I also used hydrangeas, mums, lettuces, roses, wheat, queen anne's lace, kale, and more!

 A few streamers from the rafters kind of looked like seagrass.  Especially when the wind blew.
 I love love love Safari Ltd toys!  Seriously, the best quality toys and realistic too.  Yes, they were used as the centerpieces, but the kids at the party were playing with them and using their imaginations.  So cute.  At one point, all the crabs were gathered together :)  That is what childhood is all about.
 The food even fit the theme.  Thank you, Pinterest!

 The cupcakes were cute but complicated and time-consuming!
 We did 2 art projects. These are cardstock ocean cutouts that I free-handed.  Kids applied tissue paper to them.  The tissue paper bled, leaving a cool tie-dye effect.
 We also made ocean shadowboxes with small cake boxes, paper, and stickers.  Kids from toddlers to 12 were making them!
All-in-all, the party turned out beautifully.  Happy 1st Birthday!!!