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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Doc McStuffins Tea Party

 Big Blue Eyes simply loves Disney's Doc McStuffins.  It's super cute and well done.  It explains words like "symptoms" and "diagnosis" to kids in a fun way.  I saw this Doc McStuffins playset at a Disney Store in Cincinnati this weekend and knew we ad to have a Doc McStuffins Tea Party.
 Shhh!  It was a surprise.  I gave her an invitation before lunch and it said that there would be surprise tea party after nap on the front porch and to wear her doctor coat.  She was sooo excited.  I set it all up while she was napping.
 I bought flowers at Kroger - of course - they have the best selection.

 The placemats are giant bandaid - just scrapbook paper.  I made boo-boo berry muffins (aka blueberry) and feeling better banana chips.
 so yummy!

 After the tea party, Doc had to get everyone a bandaid.  Let me tell you, they don't make bandaids that small, so...I had to make some out of masking tape:)
 So cute!
 Yes, Littlest Pet Shop Chameleon and Wonder Pets' Ming Ming and a Schleich gorilla all needed check ups and bandaids.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fairy House

 I was experimenting with my fairy houses and this is what I came up with.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Turtle Turtle Tea Party

 If you are counting...yes, this is our second tea party this week.  Mel is about tea partied out :)  Turtle Turtle Tea Party happened upon a rainy, stormy Thursday.  Big Blue Eyes was a little disappointed that it couldn't be out on the front porch again, but she quickly perked up when we started to make rice crispy treats!
 Our honored guests included Mr. Turtle (a folkmanis puppet that I found in Michigan last summer while on vacation), a Schleich turtle, and Tuck the Turtle from the WonderPets, and two turtles from the Zoo Talkers zoo set.
 A simple green bunting (recycled from our Rabbit Tea Party), a yellow polka dotted tablecloth (a yard of fabric from Joann's), turtle friends, wildflowers picked roadside, and rice crispy treats made a rainy morning a happy one :)
We added sprinkles to the rice crispy treats to be more festive.  Big Blue Eyes idea.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mouse (& a few hamsters) Tea Party

 In preparation for our Mouse Tea Party, we read "The Red, Ripe Strawberry) by Audrey Wood and watched Cinderella.  Big Blue Eyes looked at me and asked, "Can I wear my Cinderella dress, because Cinderella had mouse friends?"  How can I argue with that logic?  We sliced cheese and cut up strawberries.  It was the perfect morning for a front porch Mouse Tea Party.
 Big Blue Eyes wanted "pink flowers and a blue tablecloth".  Okay!  I found these gerber daisies at Kroger and picked some wild flowers - I think they are mustard - on my way in this am.  Yes, I was roadside picking flowers for a tea party at 7am.
 The table looked so cute.
 Of course, the cheese and crackers were the biggest hit with our mouse friends.
 Our guests include...The striped mouse is by JellyCat.  The white mice are by Schleich.  The mouse with the pink dress on is a Woodzeez.  The pink and blue mice are actually hamsters - Japanese erasers.  The mice from Cinderella were from a playset found at the Disney Store ages ago.
 HUGE strawberry!
 Gus, Gus, get down from there :)
I even added some ribbon to the back of the chair - just to make it "fancy".

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Fairy House Making Kits

New Fairy House Making Kits craft kits are now in my Etsy store


They make great birthday party favors or gifts.  The special thing about these is...it's a craft kit, so kids can make whatever they want.  It's an artist expression.  They can make their fairy house look any way they want.  I'd love to see what your child creates with these kits.