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Monday, June 10, 2013

Backyard Rabbit Tea Party

 We planned the Rabbit Tea Party for a couple days.  I told Miss G that it would be after her nap on Wednesday.  As I put her down for nap on Wednesday, big blue eyes looked up at me and said, "I invited a lot of rabbits to my Rabbit Tea Party.  Are you sure we have enough carrots?  (smile) Yes, I am sure.
 Mr. Hop sat on a stack of old books so that he could reach the table and snacks.
 We served cucumber slices, baby carrots, and mint water. (smile)
 She DID invite a lot of rabbits!

 She even wore rabbit ears! (they were left over from Easter)
 It was the perfect day for a Rabbit Tea Party under the shade of an old oak tree.

 The rabbits were quickly moved around the snacks.
 And then they feasted on cucumbers and baby carrots - all the rabbits and Miss G.
 It all began with this vegetable centerpiece - a picket fence basket from Michael's Craft Store and some veggies from the produce section at Kroger.  Beautiful.

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