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Friday, June 14, 2013

Turtle Turtle Tea Party

 If you are counting...yes, this is our second tea party this week.  Mel is about tea partied out :)  Turtle Turtle Tea Party happened upon a rainy, stormy Thursday.  Big Blue Eyes was a little disappointed that it couldn't be out on the front porch again, but she quickly perked up when we started to make rice crispy treats!
 Our honored guests included Mr. Turtle (a folkmanis puppet that I found in Michigan last summer while on vacation), a Schleich turtle, and Tuck the Turtle from the WonderPets, and two turtles from the Zoo Talkers zoo set.
 A simple green bunting (recycled from our Rabbit Tea Party), a yellow polka dotted tablecloth (a yard of fabric from Joann's), turtle friends, wildflowers picked roadside, and rice crispy treats made a rainy morning a happy one :)
We added sprinkles to the rice crispy treats to be more festive.  Big Blue Eyes idea.

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