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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Penguin Day in Preschool

Our letter of the day was P. My co-teacher was inspired to make it penguin day. So, we dug our the Ranger Rick magazine for the children to do "research" with and some toy penguins.
We leanrned that some penguins make a nest of rocks for their eggs. So we made nests too.
I made penguin stick puppets. I googled images, cut them out, and taped the picture to a popsicle stick.
Here, we practiced carrying rocks on our feet just like the penguins.
Balance is key.

We used foam shapes to match to the pictures above.
The above book has position words in it - over, under, in, out. The children used their penguin stick puppet to place the penguin in the correct position.
We made these adorable penguins. Then the children were interviewed about their penguins.
This one is so cute. His name is Shapey. He likes to eat fish. He likes to play hide-n-seek and fish.

Penguin day was a hit!

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Libby Schleichert said...

Dear Melanie:
This is one cute blog post!
Thanks so much for your "Ranger Rick" mention. We are happy when our magazine inspires teachers and students alike!

Did you know that National Wildlife Federation also publishes a magazine for 3 to 7 year olds, called "Your Big Backyard"? Just a thought. Happy to send you some sample copies of it. See my email below.

With warmest wishes to you and your students,
Libby Schleichert, Sr. Editor
Ranger Rick Magazine
National Wildlife Federation
Reston, Virginia