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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fairy Houses

My dear friend Cari sent me a link to Clary Gardens in Coshocton to make fairy houses. We didn't know what to expect and discovered that it was amazing.First, we were allowed to make wreaths for our heads and fairy wands.
Fairy Guides instructed us on how to make our fairy attire.
Look how beautiful the grounds are here.
Tons of people showed up to make fairy houses. Boxes of supplies - bark, twigs, shells, twine, acorns, gourds, etc.
To make your fairy house, you gathered the supplies that you wanted then headed through the woodland wonderland. You could make your house wherever you wanted. It was the perfect setting for this event.
Here are some of the houses.

The Fairy Queen was not there when this picture was taken but she would lead you in a fairy dance if you wanted here in this magical spot.

A lot of the fairies brought their own wings :)
Yes, I am in my 30s, but I still had a lot of fun - I will always be a preschool teacher at heart. Thank you to Clary Gardens and all the wonderful volunteers for putting this program together.

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