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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sixty-Nine Years Together

Let me tell you a love story that began 69 years ago.  A boy and a girl fell in love.  They got married and had 8 children, including my mother.  This month, my grandparents celebrate 69 years together and my grandpa turns 90. 

The family is planning a celebration next weekend.  I volunteered to decorate (because I love to decorate parties and I love them!).

Winter is dragging on and on and on here in Ohio.  I decided we needed a sunny, happy, spring color - I chose YELLOW!  Here is my inspiration. 

I am doing pale yellow tablecloths with clusters of mismatched bottles with simple yellow flowers, feathers, and twigs.  Layered on top of a burlap table runner will be b&w copies of photos of the still happy couple.  I am adding vintage toy cars and birds to the tables.  The cars because Grandpa had always loved and worked on cars.  He loves Fords.  He works on Chevys hee hee (He is a Ford man through and through.)  Grandma loves birds, has birdfeeders outside her kitchen window, so that she can watch the birds while she does dishes.

I have a few days to pull this all together.  I have haunted every Goodwill in the area to find the glass bottles, which I will use for Rachel's graduation party in May.  My husband is out looking for the toy cars.  We are using birds that I used from my brother's woodland baby shower a couple years ago.  I will post pics next Monday.


Source: etsy.com via Roya on Pinterest

Source: twitpic.com via Katelyn on Pinterest

{this is not my grandparents, but I do believe that their love story will never end.}

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