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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Craft Table

I have been searching searching searching for the perfect craft table.  Something big - but not too big.  Something where l can spread out all of my scrapbook stuff or my sewing stuff or...hee hee I must have crafter's adhd!

So yesterday when I saw this gem in my-in-laws' barn...I was in love!  I imagined it painted white.  (I love white furniture - clean slate and all that jazz).  I started asking questions about it.  This was an old library table that they picked up at an auction months ago.

We unearthed it, cleaned it up, and photographed it.  I was trying to think how I would pitch it to my husband. :)  Sometimes, he doesn't get my vision for things.  He logically thinks things through...like how are we getting that monstrosity home? How will it fit into that room?  Where will you paint it?

The next person that came into the barn fell in love with it, too.  She said, "That's it."  I asked what she would use it for.  "Craft table." came her answer.  She had cash in hand and bought it.


So I will keep searching.

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