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Friday, June 19, 2015

Making Stories Tangible - using props to make the story come alive

I have said, if I ever get a Master's degree or PhD, I am going to do a paper on Making Stories Tangible.

I have been in the early childhood field ad long time. I have observed children of all ages. I believe that if they have props to act out the story, it becomes more real to them and they retain the story for longer.

G recently made up a story about a dragon and a family of hedgehogs. I searched and searched to find a white dragon - her story specifically called for a white dragon. Then, I gathered up all the hedgehog toys I could. She reenacted the story multiple times, adding more details with each version.

I think that if children have props, toys, etc. To bring their story alive, their imaginations become tangible and it is an enriched experience.

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