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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tell Me A Story Tuesday - Mole Babies

One day, the Mushroom People were out in the forest gathering mushrooms before the first snow. They happened upon a huddle of mole babies.
"We can't leave them here." said the Mushroom Child. "They will freeze."
Mama Mushroom emptied their mushroom basket. She gently lifted a Mole Baby into the basket. Only one baby would fit, and there were five babies.
Papa Mushroom found a large leaf.  Placing the Mole Babies into the leaf, they dragged the leaf through the forest to their home.
As they passed the animals of the forest in their way to the home, they said, "If you see Mother Mole, tell her that her babies are safe and warm with us."
Mama Mushroom placed the Mole Babies into the bed, but they fussed. Mushroom Child thought they needed bottles. After all five babies were fed, they were covered with a mossy, cozy blanket. They slept until Mother Mole came to get them. She thanked the Mushroom People for caring for her babies.
The End

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