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Friday, June 24, 2016

Fairytale Friday - the Dragon Sitter

In the heart of the forest, a Gnome lived all alone. He lead a solitary life, tending his garden and occasionally talking to a garden snail or blue bird.

One day, a Mother Dragon tripped into Gnome's yard. She had fourteen babies.

"I am so tired." the Mother Dragon said. "I need to find food for my babies and get them to listen."

Gnome didn't have anything else to do and he didn't know anything about dragons, but he volunteered to watch the baby dragons for the Mother.

The baby dragons LOVED the Gnome. They crawled all over him, ran in his yard, and listened while he read them stories.

When the Mother Dragon returned, Gnome invited the babies back the next day. That night, he built bunk beds for the babies to sleep in. He planted berry bushes all around his house for the dragons to eat. And he wrote down more stories to read to the babies.

The next day, the Mother Dragon brought her fourteen babies back to the Gnome for him to watch.

Word soon spread that Gnome was the most excellent Dragon sitter and trainer. Dragons from ALL over brought him their dragons to watch. Even a Prince from a nearby kingdom brought his Dragon to Gnome.

Gnome was not alone anymore. He barely had time to tend his garden. But Gnome was happier than he had ever been.

Have a fun and playful day

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