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Friday, September 16, 2016

The Zebra in the Boat

On Wednesday, people in the beach were quite surprised to see a zebra in a boat, sailing towards Forest Island.

The Zebra had simply walked out of the local zoo, as a gate had been left open. The Zebra wandered through the streets, the calls of seagulls beckoning him to the shore.

As luck would have it, a tiny zebra-sized boat say empty on the shore. The Zebra stepped in and it began to move.

The Zebra liked the feel of the gentle rocking of the boat and the smell of salt in the air and all the friendly people waving to him from the beach.

The small boat took the zebra closer and closer to Forest Island, a tiny island with far more trees than houses.

Once ashore, the zebra inhaled the smell of pine trees, listened to the blue birds singing, and munched on pinecones. He was rather enjoying himself until the zookeeper came to collect him and take him back to the zoo.

The Zebra thought to himself, "Today was quite an adventure. Maybe I will have another adventure tomorrow." and he fell asleep quickly, tired from all that adventure.

The end

Have a fun and playful day

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