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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tell Me A Story - A Young Prince

 Once upon a time
 there was a young prince
who traveled to a far away land
where he met people
with beautiful songs
beautiful hearts
and beautiful smiles
He fell in love with the people
the land and their song
He asked how he could help
They needed a well dug,
a school built,
food and clean water
The young prince worked tiredlessly for weeks
he dug the well alongside the people
who sang as they worked
that song filled his heart
After the gardens were planted
the young prince knew that it was time to return to his kingdom
but he promised again
to the beautiful people of this beautiful land
The people sang him a song that stayed in his heart for a year
 Their song stayed with him
and he returned the next year with friends and resources
The people again greeted him with a song
He loved how they were always singing
He felt like he was home
The young prince and his friends finished the school for the children
they planted many fruit trees
They began construction on a new medical center
The young prince cared for the people and the animals of this beautiful land
His heart was full
He promised to return again
And he did
year after year until he died
The prince tended to the gardens, protected the animals,
and danced with the children.
They sang their beautiful song in celebration and thanks
to the Prince
Though his kingdom was hundreds of miles away from them
their song stayed in his heart forever

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