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Monday, July 23, 2018

I have been that mom...

I have been that mom, taking a pregnancy test and being flooded with all the emotions ever invented (& some that haven’t).

I have been that mom being told that I am having a C-section and my recovery was horrible. I almost died due to hemorrhaging afterwards.

I have been that mom pacing the floors every hour of the night, singing every appropriate song that I can think of to put my baby back to sleep.

I have been that mom that physically felt My toddler’s pain as she tumbled trying to learn to walk.

I have been that mom of a toddler and taking another pregnancy test and thinking how am I going to do this?

I have been that mom still recovering from a second C-section, sitting in the hospital with my 5 week old baby who had a heart murmur with a toddler running around the hospital room because I didn’t have a sitter for her.

I have been that mom that lived with the unkindness of a husband for too long and showed my daughters that no one should be treated that way and left.

I have been that single mom, living in a one bedroom apartment, sleeping on the couch, living in peanut butter sandwiches, knowing that this was better than what I left.

I have been that single mom, dating and finding not only the right man for me but for my daughters.

I have been that mom, juggling work, Kids, and baseball or basketball or other extracurricular activities at my kids school.

I have been that Mom who volunteered on her lunch break, baked goods for the classroom party, and made customs for their spirit week.

I have been that mom that saw how mean girls can be to other girls, cried with them over their first (and second and...) broken hearts.

I have been that Mom who has to trust that extended curfew because of a prom will be okay.

I have been that Mom whose heart plummeted when I got the call, “Mom, I have been in a car accident, but I am okay.”

I have been that Mom who helps set up the college dorm room and had to drive home with the passenger seat empty.

I have been that mom watching her daughters college graduation, helping with practice job interview questions, make a life plan.

I have been that mom - tired and emotionally drained and stressed about money. I have been that Mom who has know unparalleled joy and happiness and pride from watching her daughters grow up into strong independent women. Each stage of their lives have been horrible and wonderful. Each stage has been stressful and amazing.  This crazy thing called motherhood is a roller coaster.  Just know that someone else has been where you are. You will survive it and I hope that you enjoy those beautiful moments along the way.

Have a fun and playful day

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wendy bond said...

I have been that Mom! Thank you for your craft and being an amazing Mom, throughout all of your challenges! I have been there as well, ups and downs, and we are survivors!