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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nest Corsage

So we are planning a baby shower with a nest/bird/woodsy kind of theme. I wanted to make special corsages for the mommy-to-be and the grandmas. I have been deliberating for weeks. Then POW! it hit me. Nest corsages! Of course.
I used:
*brown felt
*green felt
*plastic eggs
*a pen
*a cd for tracing
*glue gun
*pin backs (Package of 10 - $1.29 at JoAnns)
1. I traced the cd onto the brown felt.

2. I roughly cut out the circle to make it look more natural.
3. I cut the circle in a spiral.
4. I used a paper punch and brown cardstock to make the back look more neat.
5. I took the spiral and formed it into a 3d nest-looking shape.
6. I cut out 2 leaves but folding the felt in half and cutting out a leaf shape.
7. I turned the nest upside-down and hot glued the edges.
8. I glued the leaves onto the edges.
9. I glued the cardstock circle onto the back.
10. Next, I glued the pin back on.

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coffeegirl said...

Very cute idea!