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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's the little things in Life

 When I was a little girl, I loved tiny little things - mostly for my dollhouse. But I also collected these small treasures.
 Now as an adult, I still love these tiny things.
 When Life gets tough, I concentrate in the details - the small things, small memories, little moments.
Both my grandparents died this year and a family member is battling Stage 4 brain cancer. I find comfort in the small details of making thsnk yous or planning a meal.
Some people fret the small stuff...not me. (Hence me being nanny )
When others stress out about details, that's when I come into my element. The small stuff is what l do, so that's when l say, "l can do that for you." it's my superpower :)
I love Schleich 's new fox baby.

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