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Monday, December 15, 2014

Rainbow Treehouse Animal Hospital

 So when a 4 year old says, "I have a plan", you take notice.  Not only did she have a plan, she had a mission.  She wanted to make an animal hospital for her little animals, but she wanted it to be a treehouse..."So the giraffes won't have to strain their necks."
 I saw her vision and made a pattern.  I cut it out of cardstock to make it easier to trace onto the cardboard.  I just did a simple tree shape (no art degree needed here!).  I cut two and notched out the second on.
 The tree slid together then l made "shelves" out of spare pieces of the amazon box (they have the best boxes!)
 Then it was time to paint :) - time to add the "rainbow"!
 Of course, we had to have a sign..."So the animals know where to go."
 And we added a popsicle stick ladder.
 Then it was time for the animals to get care.  Two Lego Friends girls were the vets and took excellent care of the animals - both wild and domesticated.
 Stretchy Cat rested after her shots.
 Panda nibbled on bamboo after his exam.
 Giraffes, ponies, pandas, cats, dogs, llamas...all were welcome.
I am not sure how the pony got up in the treehouse - yes, I do - with the imagination of a four year old.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
-Albert Einstein

I think we will create more tree treehouses for our collection of Schleich, Papo, and Safari Ltd primates.  The possibilities are endless with this.

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