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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why is it?

 Why is it when I am at my busiest that I am at my most creative?  My daughter is graduating this weekend and I am in the middle of party preparations and family coming in. I am making lists, cutting veggies, making sandwiches and decorations. But, still, I have been flooded with ideas for new projects.
 I put myself in a sewing hiatus. My hands NEED a rest. But maybe I should just sew out my projects instead of sketching them all out (insert laughing crying emoji here)
 I have many mini piles of cottages walls, doors, and floors. I have a notebook in which I am compiling a stack of new ideas.
 Creating in just in me. I have to create and sew and paint. It's my happy place. I smile to know that people out there care about handmade, imaginative toys.
 Thank you for your support and encouragement and kind words.
Have a fun and playful day

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