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Thursday, January 4, 2018

DIY Polar Game - Option One

 It's all fun and games until it's too cold to go outside.  That's what we are experiencing here in Ohio right now.  The thermometer is reading 14 with a windchill of -3. Ouch!  Time to make some new games to keep the kiddos busy.
 Here, I used a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper, a Sharpie, and some snowflake stickers.  I divided the game board (aka scrapbook paper) in half with the Sharpie marker.  Then, I added one sheet of snowflake stickers to each side of the game board.  Now, you are ready to play.
 This game is for two players.  I have a die and some acrylic "ice" (aquarium rocks) for markers.  You can use cereal, pennies, M&Ms, etc. as markers.
 Each player takes turns rolling the die.  Here, I rolled a 5, so I cover up 5 snowflakes with my "ice".  The first person to cover all their snowflakes wins.
You can make this game with any theme and the kiddos can help make the game.  It's a quick game and can be played again and again.  It teaches counting - the 5 dots on the die means that I cover up 5 snowflakes.  It also teaches patience as they wait for their next turn.

A dear friend of mine and former preschool teacher Miss Cheryl used to say "Oh, Paige is the first winner and let's let Kendel roll again and he is the second winner."  It wasn't a winner/loser situation and feelings didn't get hurt that way.  She is kind of a genius, right?

Have a fun and playful day!

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