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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

She calls it the Castle Box

 I call it the cardboard castle.
She calls it the catle box.
This was our first attempt at a diaper box renovation.
We made cardboard beds and combed through magazines to "furnish" our castle.
 Friends of all shapes and sizes are welcome at this castle. It's a peaceful kingdom with a gentle, happy Queen.  Can you tell we had left over stickers from Valentine's Day?
Well, hello you!

We simply cut the diaper box out, covered with this stone scrapbook paper, and added some accessories.  I think Nate Berkus would approve. :)  Well, this 2 yr old does.  Yes, that is Linny from the Wonder Pets visiting a McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Madame Alexander Red Riding Hood doll.  Like I said, all are welcome at the Caslte Box.

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