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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow White's Cottage

 We had an empty diaper box and I asked, "What should we make?"  The response came quickly.  "Snow White's Cottage!".  So I began cutting away...
then we added paper to the exterior...
painted the interior...
and added "timbers" aka sticks from yesterday's walk.
 It took some paper, markers, hot glue, stciks, and time.
 The walls are pale pale yellow and the floors are turquoise.  Nice and sunny, right?
 Snow White even has a loft.
 Yes, that's a real oyster shell sink :)
 We need linens but it's almost done.

 I could only find 6 of my 7 dwarfs, so I made peg ones.
I think they work hard in the mines and sometimes bring their work home with them.

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Kim said...

How cute!!! Love your details!