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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Team Gift

 So it's the end of the basketball season for my varsity-playing freshman (yes, I said freshman).  I wanted to give them a little something.
 I made bowties (some of the girls on the team wear them!) for all the players and coaches.  I just wanted to give them/make them something fun.
 I used these natural brown boxes (they are cupcake boxes from brpboxshop.com), added tissue paper, and some Dove chocolates.
 I added the bowties and...
 and I ate some chocolates (shhh!)
 I love packaging - simple packaging.  I used this scalloped paper punch that I found at JoAnn's and some twine.
I followed the steps here on Pinterest:

I bought one yard of fabric and made 25 bowties with fabric left over.  $5.00 for the fabric, $4.oo for the clips at Hobby Lobby, and $2.00 for the polka dot ribbon.  Easy peasy.

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