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Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Snail as a Pet

 I admit that I watch Nick Jr.'s Peter Rabbit without my nanny girls.  I do.  I adore this show.  The other day, Benjamin Bunny (Peter's cousin) had a pet snail.
 Benjamin fed his snail...

 ...and did art with his snail...
 I was a cute story.  Then, Benjamin ought he lost his pet snail and was so sad.  Peter and Lily Bobtail had to help Benjamin find the snail.
I just love the art in this show - the scenery is amazing and life-like.  The stories are always encouraging - "Never Give Up!" Peter Rabbit says at least once a show.  I want to travel to England to see the countryside and farms and stone walls and...But until then, I will watch more Peter Rabbit.

Have a fun and play day

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