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Monday, August 17, 2015

Sophie the Mouse

I started something about 6 weeks ago. I put little sister Roo down for her nap first, then Greta and I read a couple chapters of an early chapter book - a chapter book with a lot of illustrations to capture the attention of young readers. I read the book aloud and Greta listens intently. It's our time together - without little sister :)

Today is Greta's first day of preschool. I found Book 2 of Sophie the Mouse at the library over the weekend! I know she will be sooo excited.

I brought some other books for Roo, who is 2. But she saw the Sophie book and said, "Read this?" okay, I thought. I will read one chapter then she will grow bored.


Snuggled in the porch swing, together we read and read and...I paused at the end of each chapter. Roo egged me on with big, hopeful eyes, saying, "Read more?"

We read ALL 119 pages! She listened to each page intently. Wow! Guess we will read some chapter books together while big sister is at preschool.

Have a fun and playful day

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