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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Play is a powerful thing

 This weekend, Toys R Us had a sale on Schleich toys. I bought some baby elephant calves. My husband said that I bought the whole herd! Funny man, that one! :)
 The girls and I follow several Elephant conservation groups on Instagram. Every morning, we check in for updates on the different elephants in their care. We love seeing pictures from Elephant orphanages in Africa.
 The girls - ages 3 and 6 can locate Africa (&some of the countries within Africa!) on any map or globe now!
I am setting up a play elephant orphange with all these baby elephants from Schleich. Can you see the DETAIL on these toys? I mean, their leathery skin! Amazing. No. I am not getting paid by them, but I do love their animal replicas. Each one is hand painted!

It is on my list to visit Schleich when I go to Germany! Someday, someday.

Through play, we have learned about the elephants, people who care for them, and also people that try to hurt them. We talk about people who run the conservation centers and their jobs. We talk about people who champion for The end of the ivory trade. Prince Harry and Prince William always are mentioned :) The girls take on the roles of vets and caregivers of the elephants and love "feeding" them with baby shower favor baby bottles.

Africa is thousands of miles away. And poaching and extinction of elephants are big concepts for little ones. But through play, the concepts have become tangible and close to their hearts.

I am sharing the world with children through play. Play is a powerful thing.

Have a fun and playful day

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