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Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend shenanigans

 This weekend was a long one. It was a busy one. It was a...lot.
 I did a little painting and added a few new boats to my Etsy shop. But there wasn't a lot of time for creativity this weekend.
 Just when I think I am getting to the finish line...Life shows me what is most important. I tend to work a lot.

My daughter fell and was diagnosed with concussion no.5. Much of the weekend was spent checking on, doting on her. We ended up in the er just because I needed to know that what was going on with her was "normal" for 5 concussions.
We watched London Is Falling over the weekend. I was inspired to make a guard peg doll for @teenyweenytoys Queen peg doll. THAT was about the extent of my creativity this weekend.

Sometimes, Life says 'slow down' and you have to listen.

Have a fun and playful day

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