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Sunday, November 13, 2016

But Peg Dolls Don't DO Anything

 I was at the Mini Market this past weekend with my play mats and peg dolls. One customer said this exact thing - But peg dolls don't DO anything.
No, I said, but they can BE anything.
 I went on to tell him how these simplistic, wood toys can take on any role in a child's imagination.
 Princess, explorer, zoo keeper, doctor, mom, dad, baby, storytelling inspiration, fire man, astronaut and more!

The play possibilities are endless!

 I believe in the power of play, the power of imagination, and the magic of childhood.

Toys do not have to have bells and whistles. In fact, the less bells and whistles, the MORE imagination kiddos use.

I won't bore you with ivy league college studies about the connection between imaginative play and happy, healthy, intelligent children. But it is true!

That customer bought 12 peg dolls. I think my love of imaginative play rubbed off on him!

Have a fun and playful day.

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