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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Motherhood and the Holidays - keep it simple

So when you hear the word Christmas, do you a) break into a smile and dream of gingerbread or b) break into freak out mode and panic?

I do both. (laughing) Christmas time is very busy for me, because I have an Etsy shop and make imagination sparking items that people buy for their kiddos all year long but especially at the holidays.

But before I had a shop, the holidays were always busy. Too busy sometimes to enjoy. Wrapping gorgeous presents became less important. Because, let's face it, that gorgeous wrapping is garbage on December 26th.

My survial guide to the holidays is to keep it simple. Less is more. It's an old saying but still rings true. It's not rocket science. It's sanity. I know, I know. Holidays and sanity in the same sentence.

We buy 1. Something they need, 2. Something they want, 3. Something to wear, and 4. Something to read. It's not a HUGE pile of packages, but the gifts are meaningful and personal.

Play should be the same. Keep it simple. If I have something that requires my attention, I set up a simple invitation to play like above to keep the kiddos creative while I return an email (or 20!)

Have a fun and playful day

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