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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Open Letter to My 20 Something Self

Dear Me,

I know that you are 20 Something and struggling to find balance and happiness in your roles as wife, mother, teacher. I want you to know that everything turns out better than you ever imagined. God will provide for you in the most surprising ways.

The dream of having four children does not come true. But the two daughters that you do have turn out to be pretty amazing. You also become an influence on many many children through your preschool teaching, your books (yes, you do publish!), through Sunday School and Girl Scouts, and through your strong belief in the power of imagination.

That man who was so unkind to you, he doesn't break your spirit. You find love. True love. They make movies out of this kind of love story kind of love. He is funny and sweet and good to your daughters. He encourages your dreams and empowers you. He is in your corner every.single.day. He is your best adventure, your deepest love, your friend.

You are young and brave. Keep going. Some days are hard. You will know great pain. But you will also find great joy, make friends in expected places, and learn to be an encourager like Grandma Helen.

I am writing this to you to tell you that you are going to love the way your life turns out. I know there are many more ventures and adventures ahead of you. Be brave. Love fiercely. Make lots of memories. Dance in the kitchen barefoot. Your life is a good one. Enjoy it.

44 year old self

To the young moms struggling with toddler tantrums and work and...Life, it will be okay.  Reach out to a friend or family member or spouse. Prioritize. Focus on the important stuff. Kids won't remember that they had toast for dinner, but they will remember the laughter at the dinner table. I pray for you. I pray that you see the good in every day. Be brave.

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