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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Alpha Buckets

AlphaBuckets! That's what I call them.  They are a great way to teach phonics through play.

Simply gather up some random toys.  Here, I used Safari Ltd Toobs and animals plus a few random items.  I gathered 3-5 items that start with the same letter.
Here, we have bird, bug, bear, banana, and broccoli making the /b/ sound.  The child may be able to name the item.  Repeat the word, emphaszing the beginning sound then help them pick the correct letter bucket.
For younger children, only highlight 2 or 3 different letter sounds at a time.  For older children, 5 or so buckets would be good.
Here we have Gg for gnome, guinea pig, and gems.  Some letters are harder to find items.  I mean, come on, Xx is downright tricky! :)
I purchased these 2 inch tin buckets at my local Dollar Tree dollar store - 3pk for $1.00.  But you could use clear cups or even bowls.  The above fruit is from Safari Ltd Fruit & Veggies Toob.  As soon as Greta saw it, she exclaimed, "Oh!  That can be food for my animals!"  Lots of different uses for these Toobs, so they are a great investment.
I have done AlphaBuckets in my preschool classroom for years.  It's not always a bucket.  Sometimes, it's an AlphaNest or AlphaBasket.  Anything works really.  It's learning through play and playing together is key.

Have a fun & playful day!

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