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Friday, February 20, 2015

Playing Babies

Babies learn empathy early on.  They act out what they see and know and experience.
It's the old nature vs. nurture thing, but I believe that children have it IN them at a very young age to be caring and loving. 
I love to watch babies (and toddlers!) play with baby dolls.
Roo fed the babies, clumsily changed her diaper, and even shared her favorite toys.
The baby doll was swaddled (or a good attempt was made!) and feed A LOT of food.
Then, she cuddled one baby close and read her a book.  Now, that is something that we do with her all the time.  We read a mountain of books every single day.
Baby was also groomed. Yep, that's a scrub brush! :)
Diapers were changed.
I guess we need to buy better diapers - these seem to be sagging :)
She tried.  I am not sure if it's exactly pretend play just yet, but experience-based play.  She is acting out and imitating how she has been cared for.
I love to sit back and watch babies play.  Yes, they need a lot of attention.  But they also need time and space to explore and play on their own. 

Have a fun & playful day!

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