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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Party Croc Children's Book

Party Croc Children's Book
Our new favorite book is Party Croc by Margaret Read MacDonald!  I have read this book no less than 20 time in 3 days.  The bright, fun illustrations of Derek Sullivan are hilarious.  The sing-song melody of the words read almost like lyrics.  There is a "chorus" of repeating lines where the croc is singing "party party going to a party party party I'm a party croc!"  I love it as much at G who is 4 1/2 (she likes to add that 1/2, don't you know?) and Roo who is 19 months.  Roo sways back and forth to the "chorus" song parts.  There is also a good lesson in the book about keeping promises, but it is not in a hit-you-over-the-head kind way.  This is a GREAT book.
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