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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Birthday Party

 The theme was American Girl Rainforest birthday party. Yes, it WAS picked by a 6 year old. Inspired by the new American Girl Lea, who explores the rainforest, we went "wild" with Palm leaves, toucan, sloths, butterflies and more.
 The party took place at our community pool. But I added a craft table to the mix. Every hour, the whistle blows and little swimmers need to get out of the pool and take a break. I knew little hands needed something to do in their break.
The funny thing was, the kiddos SWARMED to the craft table, even choosing to do crafts OVER swimming. At.a.pool.party.

We made turtle charm bracelets (charms found on Etsy), ocean animal bead necklaces, mini terrarium (pictured above), and sloths in a leaf sleeping bag.

They had a ball!

The crafts were simple yet engaging and unisex. Add a craft or two to your next party. The kiddos will love it.

Have a fun and playful day

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