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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Three Billy Goats Gruff with a Twist

One morning, The big troll took his son to the bridge. "Now, son, I need you to guard this bridge. I can't have those silly Billy Goats trip, trapping over my bridge today."

"Okay, Dad." said the little troll.

The big troll went home to cut down all the weeds, so he could plant a garden.

It wasn't long before a line of goats came to cross the bridge.

"I am sorry," said the little troll. "I cannot let you trip trap over this bridge. My dad said so."

"Why is he such a grumpy troll?" asked one of the goats. "He is always complaining about us trip, trapping over this bridge."

"Oh." said the little troll. "The weeds are making him VERY grumpy."

"Weeds?" asked the goats collectively.

"Dad wants to plant a garden, but there are sooo many weeds!" The troll told the goats.

"We can help with weeds" said one goat.

"We love weeds!" said another.

"We will eat ALL of his weeds. Even the ones with thistles." said a third.

So the little troll let this goats trip trap over the bridge and back to their farm.

"Dad, Dad! The goats said they will eat our weeds!" The troll told his father.

And they did. Those goats are ALL of the weeds in the field. The big troll was impressed.

"Thank you, Goats. You can trip trap over the bridge any time you want."

From then on, the big troll was a little less grumpy. The goats were fat and happy. The Little troll made friends with the littlest goat.

The end

Have a fun and playful day

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