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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tell Me A Story Tuesday - Helping 500 Elephants

Once there was a prince who cared for his world so much that he travelled far, far away from his kingdom. He spent weeks and weeks helping relocate nearly 500 elephants to a new conversation reserve. He wanted to help the elephants and keep them safe from poachers.

This is a true story of Prince Harry in South Africa now, helping to relocate nearly 500 elephants to a new reserve that will hopefully help keep elephants safe from poachers and increase the declining elephant population.

I know there are a lot of big words in this story, but that's okay. You can talk to your child about what a "reserve" is and what "conservation" means. Elephants are interesting to most children. Throw a real Prince that is helping them into the mix, and I would say that your child will crave more information from you. Not only are you expanding their knowledge of elephants but also their vocabulary. Then, to take it further, read a book or two (or 20!) about elephants, find all your little elephant toys to count and sort by size.

Learning is through play is fun and not work. Make it fun.

Have a fun and playful day

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