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Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Lesson in Animal Camouflage

Remember those water beads that I got at the Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago? Well, the kids keep requesting to play with them, so...we do.

I decided to talk a little about animal camouflage today? Which animals blend in? If they blend in, how does it keep them safe?

"It's like they are hiding. They are right there, but you can't see them. Foxes can't see them either. Foxes eat lots of things." -G

 It was fun then then Babyzilla dumped the bowl! Oh my. TOTALLY toddler.

I noticed that the water beads were a little slimy and a couple had black on them. Time to wash our hands really well and pitch those water beads.

Note to self : water beads can go bad.

The animals are from Safari Ltd Pets Toob. I bought it, because we are still planning our Pigeon's Pet Shop soon. But these little animals were the perfect size to camouflage.

Have a fun and playful day

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