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Monday, March 23, 2015

Math Games Mondays - Gnomes

Math Games Mondays - Gnomes
Math doesn't have to be boring!

I have done TONS of these games - all different versions.  I decided to do a Gnome theme one today because of Spring.

Have one sheet of gnomes printed on sturdy cardstock, a handful of ladybug (or any kind of) buttons, and a dice.

Each child takes turns rolling the dice, then covers that number of gnomes or mushrooms with the ladybug buttons.  For example, Ethan rolls a 4.  Ethan will count 4 ladybug buttons.  Then he will cover 4 gnomes or mushrooms with a ladybug (one button per gnome).  The game ends when all the gnomes and mushrooms are covered.

I found this print on etsy.com but you could use stickers or clipart to make your game board.  The ladybug buttons are from Dress It Up and I found them at Joann.

This game works one counting, number value, one-to-one correspondence, and taking turns.

Have a fun and playful day!

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