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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Safari Ltd Terrarium

Safari Ltd Terrarium
Now that I am thinking about terrariums, I am on a roll.  Safari Ltd has new gnomes out this year that I think would be great in a terrarium.

Terrariums are easy to make and kids will love helping.  It's messy and creative and imaginative.  I once did a whole Earth Day celebration at the local community center.  Kids created mini terrariums with two clear plastic cups, moss, dirt, rocks, and small animals.  They LOVED it.  Parents were like, "I am so stealing this idea or a party or for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts' projects." 

You give 12 kids the same materials to make a terrarium and you will end up with 12 terrariums that look completely different.  It's an open-ended project that the kids can take in all different directions.  And that's what is great about a project like terrariums - kids can make it individualized.

The steps are easy.
1. a few rocks in the bottom of your container, fishbowl, cup, etc.
2. potting soil on top of the rocks
3. moss and/or small plants on top of the potting soil
4. add small animals like Safari Ltd Toobs or happy meal toys or whatever you have
5. give it a good watering and keep it moist


Are you now thinking about making a terrarium?

Have a fun and playful day!

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