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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pigeon's Pretend Pet Shop

 The Grand Opening was a success. Lots of pets found good homes.  G asked very good questions of the customers like "What size pet do you want?" or ""Are you a person who likes snakes?" or "This hedgehog needs a lot of care.  Can you do that?"
 "Would you like to hold these baby hamsters? They are sooo cute and were just born." Read this in your head with a tiny, squeaky voice.
 "Hedgehogs need a lot of care.  And lettuce.  They looove lettuce.  I think they might even like asparagus, too, but I am not sure.  I saw in a book once that they like apples and strawberries. Where is that book?"
Baby Chameleon joined up this morning.  He was hiding somewhere.  "Probably using his camouflage, so you couldn't see him."  :)  That makes my heart happy that she knows about animal camouflage and uses it properly in a sentence.  We have been talking about chameleons changing colors - she was listening.

Well, the pet shop is about to open for the morning, so I have to go.

Have a fun and playful day!

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