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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pigeon's Pet Shop Grand Opening

So Pigeon's Pet Shop has been in the planning stages for several weeks now.  But today is the Grand Opening.  Why Pigeon?  Well, because one of our favorite books is Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.  G said, "Oh my goodness, can you imagine if Pigeon ran a pet store? It would be chaos."
So we cleared off the bookshelves.
We organized.
We wrote out the prices. (Good writing skills there!)
We placed all the animals in their "cages".
I love the price amounts that SHE came up with.  Huge price difference but oh well.
All (or most) of the animals are from Safari Ltd. Incredible Creatures line.  We love them.  They are bigger than most of the animals out there, so they are the perfect size fora  pretend pet shop.
We do carry exotic and unusual pets as well - a variety of birds, some snails, pet ladybugs, pigs, frogs, eels, and more!
G took hours deciding the placement of each animal.  too funny.
Once all the animals were in place, she added to our inventory (more birds and lizards and Nemos and Squirts the turtle!)
We worked really hard at creating a perfect pet shop after visiting our local pet store. "We need bedding and toys for the animals and food and money."  I think she will be a great store owner:)
We are ready for the ribbon cutting ceremony with goldfish crackers for snack!

Will you be inspired to create a pet shop in your home or classroom's dramatic play area?

Have a fun and playful day!

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