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Monday, March 23, 2015

Math Games Mondays - Horses & Hearts

Math Games Mondays - Horses & Hearts
I think every kid goes through a "Horse Phase", right?

In this household, we are no exception.  Horses have taken over our lives!  We have horse toys, barns, horse rug, horse sweaters, etc!

If your child is "into" something, go with it!  Create learning opportunities around their favorite thing - whether it be a movie, a show, an animal.  If they are interested in it, the learning will be even more exciting!

I found this adorable and rainbow clipart on etsy.  Simply purchase and print one sheet per child on sturdy cardstock (or you could laminate so it lasts longer.  I always laminated my game boards when I taught preschool.)  I purchased a Horse Toob from Safari Ltd at Joann or Michael's.  Now you're ready to play.

Simply roll the dice.  4?  Count out 4 horses.  Now cover 4 heart/squares - one horse per heart/square.  Continue taking turns till all the heart/squares are covered with horses.  This game teaches counting, number value, one-to-one correspondence, and taking turns.

You could adapt this game to fit your child's interests or your weekly preschool theme.

Have a fun and playful day!

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