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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Safari Ltd Toobs - A Review

Let me be completely honest with you.

I have used Safari Ltd. Toobs in a plethora of ways for many years.  So when Safari Ltd. asked me to review a few of their Toobs - it was a no-brainer.

As a preschool teacher, Auntie, craft teacher at the local community center, nanny, and that woman who sits at the table beside you at the restaurant and saves the day because your kids are screaming because the food is taking too long and she offers small toys to your children to help calm them (true story!), I have always relied on the quality and durability of Safari Ltd Toobs.

Safari Ltd has many variations of Toobs - something for almost any theme you can think of.  The toys are small - about 2 inches tall - but they don't skimp on detail.  The toys are realistic and high quality.
They sent me 3 Toobs - Dinosaurs, Exotic Birds, and Rainforest.  You can see the detail, the precise paint jobs, the vibrant paint.  Usually 6-12 animals come in a Toob and cost $9.99 or so. 
I am working on an upcoming post of 101 Things to do with Safari Ltd. Toobs, but for now, let me give you some ideas.  Easter egg stuffers instead of candy.  Cupcake toppers.  Math counters.  Game pieces.  In church or restaurant quiet bags.  In the car toys.  Dollhouse accessories.  Stocking stuffer.  Fun mail.  Birthday gift.
Or you can play with them on a playscape like above.
I really like the variety of animals that Safari Ltd. puts in their Toobs.  G, age 4, squealed when she saw the tapir in the rainforest set.  She reallllly is into tapirs right now.
Recently, we used some of the animals in our terrariums.  They added a lot of whimsy and fun to our little terrariums.

Disclaimer:  Safari Ltd has seen my posts about their products and sent me several things to review.  They did not pay me to write this glowing review.  I do LOVE their products - Toys that Teach - and would only give a positive review if I felt strongly about the product.  You will note that I do not recommend many things on this blog, but I will HIGHLY recommend Safari Ltd toys to anyone!  See www.safariltd.com for more educational and creative toys - including their large selection of Toobs.

Have a fun and playful day

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