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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Princesses and Playscapes

I think the challenge sometimes is not doing too much.
Let me let you ponder that.
Don't do too much?
The world is saying have it all, do it all, but...when it comes to children, too much is too much.
Let me explain.  I believe simpler is better when it comes to toys for children.  I always say to new parents or grandmas, "Toys don't need to have flashing lights and sounds for kids to like them."  I think the toys that don't make sounds and have lights screaming are the best.
Animal toys, simple but detailed playmats, a few small toys from your child's favorite show or movie - let's let their imaginations take over, let's see what they come up with, let's see them shine.
You may not agree and that's okay.  I am just sharing what I have learned as a mom, as an early childhood educator of 20+ years.  Simpler is better when it comes to kids and play and learning.

Have a fun and playful day!

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