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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Safari Ltd Wishlist

My Safari Ltd Wishlist
If you have read any of my blog posts or seen my Pinterest boards, you know that I LOVE Safari ltd. toys.  They have a line called Incredible Creatures (see my St. Patrick's Day card post) which are bigger and chunkier than their other lines.  If they asked me what animals to create (that would be a dream!), I already have my list ready.  I definitely think they need a duckling and a chick for Spring.  I would buy 2 or 20 :).  But maybe some more birds and woodland animals would be good, too.  G age 4 helped me come up with this list.  (I am such a bad influence on her hee hee). So, if you are reading this, Safari Ltd., you know that you have big fans here in Ohio and a couple suggestions!

Have a fun&playful day

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