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Friday, April 10, 2015

101 Ways to Play With Safari Ltd Toys

There are many, many ways to play with Safari Ltd Toys. They are Toys that Teach and quality, detailed, well made. Let me share with you some ideas.
1. Imaginative play - maybe on a playscape
2. Reenacting books read - maybe use the Land Down Under Toob with Diary of a Wombat
3. Retelling a story or nursery rhyme
4. Making snails - using she'll toobs, magic model, googly eyes
5. Enhancing playdough play - maybe brown playdough + Safari Ltd pigs
6. Channeling creativity
7. Making models of creatures - try to make lemur or orangutan by looking at one of Safari's
8. Using a toy as a model for playdough creations

9. Toob animals make wonderful additions to terrariums - here we used their rainforest toob
10. Create habitats for animals/toys - in the garden, outside, or in a terrarium
11. Learn about habitats and the animals that live there.
12. Research - pick one of Safari's quality animals and find books on it
13. Party favors
14. Shocking stuffers
15. Reward chart prizes
16. Incentives
17. No sugar Halloween treats
18. Add an eye hook and ribbon and make into a necklace.
19. Glue to a Barrett for hair accessories
20. Valentines
21. Easter egg stuffers
22. Put a couple in a box and send "Happy Mail" to that special kiddo
23. Keep them with you for quiet play
24. The I can't wait till food gets here rescue toys
25. The I have to be quiet in church toys
26. Math
27. Use Toob animals as counters
28. Use for teaching addition
29. Use for teaching subtraction
30. Number value
31. Making groups
32. One to one correspondence
33. Games pieces in roll the dice game
34. Food for dollhouse with fruits and veggies toob
35. Instruments for dollhouse with their instruments toob
36. Baby Toob on for dollhouse play
37. Finding animals on the map
38. Map skills
39. Transportation study
40. Land vs. Water vs. Sky concept with their In the Sky or In the Water toob
41. Train table activities - they have train toobs!
42. Diaroma accessories
43. Science
44. Animal units
45. Mama and baby matching - like these hamsters above
46. Care of animals study
47. Pet care
48. Create a whimsical forest and play
49. Make Valentine cards
50. Make Christmas cards
51. Make special cards for kiddos
52. Incredible Creatures are just the right size for toddlers
53. Perfect on the go toys
54. Keep in car for entertaining little ones on long trips
55. Tell me a story story starters
56. Look out the window. Can you spy a chipmunk? (or any animal)
57. Classroom
58. Nature play
59. Life cycle unit study
60. Put in your sensory table or bin
61. Camouflage - where are the animals hiding?
62. Toob animals and water beads
63. Water play maybe with Incredible Creatures clown fish and puffer fish!
64. Sand play - I am think their desert toob
65. In the rice table
66. Block play
67. Build a zoo
68. Build a habitat
69. Build a city
70. Community helpers unit study
71. Build a town.
72. Create a sprawling farm

73. Toob animals make great additions to any building toys - we got these connectors at Wendy's restaurant. Pets Toob makes them even more fun! Try to balance the animals.
74. Create a garden with their Flower Toob
75. Plant unit study - using plant life cycle models or flower toob
76. Safari Ltd has 10 Life cycle models that areare amazingly detail and realistic
77. Cupcake toppers! Safari has sooo many themed toobs that you are bound to find one to fit your video's birthday party theme
78. This pets too allows the imagination to come alive. But you could do an experient, too. I'm a sink of water, place a bowl. How many animals fit in before it sinks?

79. We created this Zen panda garden with a wooden tray, salt, and their panda Toob.
80. When a 4 year old says, "I want a tropical musical party." Safari can help!
81. Here I used fresh flowers and a variety of Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Ocean animals to create this centerpiece for a First birthday party.
82. History - Safari has Egyptian toobs, Civil War toobs, dinosaur toobs, even fossil toobs!
83. Pair Safari animals with a vintage toy from your childhood like this tree house.
84. Babies! These little cuties would be cute for dollhouse play OR prizes at a baby shower.
85. A spot of glue and a Toob animal with make your gift tags POP!
86. Use dinosaurs to make tracks in playdough.
87. Use dinosaurs to make "fossils" in playdough
88. Bugs can bite but your kiddos can get up close and personal with Safari's bugs. Get out your magnifying glass.

89. Where do tapirs live? That question actually came up last week!

90. Promote healthy eating through play

91. Discover animals that help each other in the wild
92. Use Toob animals to enhance small muscle strength. Balance animals on golf tees in playdough

93. Freeze animals in ice and pour warm water over them.
94. Make soap and put Toob animals in it for party favors or to make getting clean in the tub so much fun
95. Create a pet shop like below
96. Create a vet center in your dramatic play area
97. Shine a flashlight behind an Incredible Creatures and trace their shadow
98. Montessori activities - sooo many!
99. Pair an Incredible Creatures with a book and you have got the perfect gift
100. 100 Day At School activities!
101. Make a shadowing using your favorite Safari Ltd animal. Mine is the hedgehog!
Phew! 101 Ways!!! How will you play?

Have a fun and playful day

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