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Thursday, April 9, 2015


 So Facebook sends me this photo and says: Look what you posted 3 years ago today.  Ahhh.  I totally forgot about this.  Three years ago I was setting up parties for a play cafe. 

The above one is Ocean Theme for a cutie pie of a 3 year old.  The play cafe owner wanted the parties to be kiddo friendly but simple.  Okay!  Brown butcher paper covered the tables.  All the flowers were fresh, in white but different varieties.  The flower vases are actually soup cans covered in scrapbook paper.  I used Safari Ltd ocean animals to bring the theme together.
 Here's an Elmo party that I got all the stuff for but, because of strep throat, we never had the party.  The One year old loved Elmo and music.  So we were going to make Elmo harps.
 Below is a Fairy Land party that we hosted at the local community center. 50 kiddos dressed in fairy attire joined us for fairy house making, wand creating, and dancing with the Fairy Queen.
I do love putting together kid's birthday parties.  I like adding all the tiny details, seeing the kids's smiles, remembering childhood.  I always incorporate fresh flowers.  I think that adds a special touch. I also do a simple craft at all the parties that I put together.

How do you party?

Have a fun and playful day

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